Warranty on all FunPods

The FunPod has a 12 month standard warranty. A five year manufacturer's warranty is available upon emailing: hello@littlehelper.co.uk


5 year warranty on FunPods


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FunPod? 

The Little Helper FunPod is a Montessori-inspired learning tower to assist with safety whilst cooking in the kitchen.

Features of the FunPod?

  • This multi award-winning toddler FunPod learning tower is suitable from independent standing age up to 5 or 6 years (height dependant)
  • Allows safe elevation to kitchen worktops on a height adjustable platform
  • Scalloped feet for safety and anti-tip, including locking footplate
  • Praised by a leading professor of obesity, the FunPod helps children learn about food and nutrition, learning essential life skills
  • Applauded for promoting parent and child bonding at such an important age
  • Children form their habits and opinions between 1 & 4 so this is an essential time to get them involved in the kitchen and all things food related.


What age is the FunPod for?

As the height of the platform is adjustable it is suitable for 1 year olds up to 6 years of age (height dependant).


Is The Product Safe?

Fully tested to Australian and European safety standards.

Please ensure your baby can stand unaided and the top of the FunPod is level with your child's chest. Adult supervision required.


How long will it take to put together?

There is a simple 'how-to put together manual' inside each package that follows through a step by step process on how to get your FunPod up and running.


Is the FunPod easy to clean?

Yes its very easy to wipe clean any cooking and mess from the FunPod as it's wipeable laminated coated wood.




Safety First

  • Avoid that dangerous situation of trying to balance your child on the kitchen side or chair while you prepare dinner
  • Prevent your child from reaching dangerous kitchen items like the kettle, knives, hot surfaces.
  • Solves the problem of keeping your child safe, occupied and happy in one place, whilst teaching them valuable life skills.


Product safety is designed in to every Little Helper product from the very concept of the design, but in a way that gives our little customers the freedom to express themselves without being hindered. 

So for example you will not see a harness on the FunPod, because great design means that you don't need a harness as the child cannot climb out or fall out if the product is being used in accordance with our safety instructions. This is one of the reasons that kids just love being in the FunPod.

Our products are also tested to destruction, literally. Every product is tested to the relevant international standards where we carry out physical and mechanical tests to ensure robustness, stability and functionality, chemical tests to ensure that only perfectly safe chemical components are used in the manufacture of our products, for example we only used 100% child friendly paints an varnishes. We also test for fire and flame retardance where relevant.

When you buy a Little Helper product for your little helper, you can have the peace of mind that we care about your childs safety just as much as you do.


Food Education
Between the ages of one and four years, children form their habits and opinions that mould their later lives. This is an essential time to get them involved in the whole food experience, giving them the necessary life skills needed for a healthy lifestyle. Children are more likely to experiment with food and try new things if they've had a hand in preparing it. FunPod can make that happen. 

Parent & Child Bonding
In our busy and hectic lives, finding a spare hour to spend some quality time with our toddlers can be difficult. The FunPod gives freedom to spend some quality time with our little ones WHILST preparing lunch or dinner.