The Little Helper FunPod Safety Stand is coming to Australia

Here at Kids Kitchen we are super excited to be bringing Little Helper FunPod safety stand to Australia. The multi-award winning UK's Little Helper FunPod are finally here for Aussies to enjoy. They are amazing for interacting and cooking with our kids in the kitchen. With a multi-level feature for your child's height, your child can feel included at dinner-times and preparing food. The safest child cooking stand available on the market it's a guaranteed winner for your family home.
After our 18 month old girl started climbing on dining room chairs to see what was happening on the bench we knew we had to source a safer option!
We had looked at various home made learning towers but were concerned with the safety aspect as most looked like they weren't that safe. One of our friends had the Little Helper FunPod and was on to child number 3 with it after having it for 6 years, big tick for durability.
When looking at their FunPod Safety stand we couldn't believe that it had lasted so long but seemingly looked new, no scratches or stains - everything just wipes off! The MDF material ensures all the wood is covered and will wipe away any dirt or grime that it comes into contact with. This is a massive advantage with children and cooking with lots of mess.
This FunPod has been a revelation for our little girl in the kitchen and we hope it can be for you too. We are excited to share our love of food and encourage kids into the kitchen.
Let's show the next generation how to cook! Enjoy from all the crew here at Kids Kitchen.

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