Review on the Little Helper Funpod

The Little Helper FunPod is new to Australia. Compared to it's competitors it may not have enough written about it to compare. I can tell you from a mother of two young children there is no other Learning Tower on the market, I would trust my child in. The FunPod Learning Tower is renowned for it's safety features. When I went on the market to search for a new learning tower I was only concerned about one thing, and that was it's safety. Not how good the filter in the picture was, or the background of the company, or it's manufacturing, but the pure and honest safety of the product. When I compared the products there was no going back, I had to have a FunPod. This is why I became a business owner and seller for The Little Helper FunPod. 

The safety features include:

1. Fully safety tested to Australian Standards.

2. No holes a child can fall through.

3. An adjustable height option so children are at the correct height for their age, and not just the same height.

4. It cannot tip over, if I child is leaning on the edge with all their weight, It will not tip over.

5. I child cannot get out of the FunPod. There are no stairs to trip on or climb out just whenever the child pleases.

6. It has a non-flammable coating for safety and an easy to wipe-down surface that prevents deteriorating and aging.

7. It can slide easy on your kitchen floor.

8. It has a 5 year extended warranty. 

Now that's worth celebrating! Please don't attempt at making a K-mart Learning Tower hack, for the safety of your children. By something that's safe.

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