How to get Kids to eat more Fruit and Veggies

Having a toddler of my own I know first hand it can be difficult to get kids to eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables. I have found a few easy steps to improving the range of vegetables they eat.
  1. Animals - Making dinners fun by cutting animal shapes makes the children more interested in the foods. Cutting carrots, tomatoes and cucumber with animals and surrounding them in broccoli and peas for the trees and grass. Using our fruit and sandwich cutters you can shape your desired vegetable into a dinosaur shape like pumpkin or potato, also sandwiches add add extra veggies. They will be more inclined to eat it.
  2. Involve your children - Prepare your meals together. Show them where the vegetables and proteins come from in their whole forms. Helping prepare meals has never been so easy with the Little Helper FunPod. Being up at the bench the children can see what is involved for dinner and more likely to eat what they are touching as they understand where it comes from when it lands on their plates.
  3. Tactile - Kids love to touch and feel to learn, so let them hold a carrot and show them hoe you clean them. Let them cut up a few items with kids safety knifes. Have a healthy dipping sauce like my homemade hummus, you can cut up vegetables to dip into which is fun and tactile for them.
  4. Cut Small - Cut small bite sized pieces for kids to easily hold onto and grip in their hands.

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