How to be Safe in the FunPod with Kids.

Keep children safe and out of danger while cooking. As most parents would know trying to cook dinner while a toddler is crying or tugging on our legs is almost impossible. This can lead to frustration and worse kitchen accidents where you or your little ones are injured. There are hot kettles, frying pans, hot oil and stoves in the kitchen, so this is even more important to have them away from danger and in a safe space like the FunPod Safety Stand.
The FunPod has an adjustable height feature so your child are at the right height for the bench and to see what is happening. FunPods are easy to wipe clean from splashes and mess that is created in the kids kitchen. This is an easy task to clean. Mums, Dads and caregivers can feel the benefits of feeling the increase bond between the child as they learn off you about the importance of cooking home cooked meals!
Knowing your child is safe is so much peace of mind. Our daughter fell off her chair while trying to help us in the kitchen. Luckily she was not badly injured but did hit her head on the cupboard on the way down.
By placing them in the FunPod they are safe and secure and out of danger. You can control what's in front of them and what they have access to. No more stepping over them in the kitchen with hot saucepans and frypans with spitting oil.
They are in a controlled environment thats safe and sound. They will love being up with you! Be safe in the kitchen, your kids are so small and need to e safe. It's your responsibility as a parent or caregiver.
Happy Cooking!

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