Healthy snacks for kids

I have recently had advice from our naturopath that increasing the vegetables in your child's diet can improve their overall gut health and wellbeing. I have made it my mission to reduce the amount of carbs and sugars in our daughters diet and increase the volume of veggies!

Adding extra veggies throughout the day can be a huge benefit to kids behaviour and sleep for overnight.

I have been making raw veggie snack bowls and making it fun. Making my own dips in a blender makes an even healthier twist.

Avo dip and raw sticks:


2 avocados

1 lemon

salt and pepper


Halve the avos and remove pip, then add to a blender. Next squeeze the lemon into a cup to remove pips then add to blender, add a pinch of salt and pepper and blend. Remove from the blender and place in a bowl along with cut up carrot, celery, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Yum a delicious nutritious afternoon snack jam-packed for of nutrients.

 Enjoy :)

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