Healthy food eduction is vital for kids. FunPod helps familes.

Food education develops between the ages of one and four years, children form their habits and opinions for the rest of their lives. This is why it is an essential time to get them involved in the whole food experience, giving them the necessary life skills needed for a healthy lifestyle. Children are more likely to experiment with food and try new things if they have helped prepare it. Little Helper FunPod can make that happen. 

Our obesity rate is on the rise in Australia, it has never been a more important time to getting kids to eat healthy. Packaged foods are highly processed and full of hidden ingredients to make them taste good. They are filled with excess salt and sugars that add weight onto our children, and won't fill them up. MSG and preservatives are in a-lot of packaged foods leaving them nutrient deficient.
Children's understanding of food develops at a very young age which is why it's so important to set them up for a healthy life by showing them how to cook! Cooking home-cooked meals that have vegetables, fruits, nuts, protein and healthy oils will stay with them for life. When they are faced with other life choices at school or even when they cook themselves about what is healthy and what is not. People's health decisions for dinners come down to time and the ease of cooking. If you can make cooking easier with your kids, you are more likely to chose healthier options and not out of a packet.
Choose wisely and create a health future for the kids of Australia, help lower child obesity rates by cooking healthy meals in your homes. A healthy diet can provide children with a strong immune system and fight off unwanted bugs and illness. Make them strong and heathy to grow big and strong.
Let's all teach the next generation how to cook! It's a life choice and it's very simple, do it for your kids. Think of their future and set them up for a healthy start in life. Cook, Learn and stay healthy.
Love Kids Kitchen.

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