Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

My quest for dairy free recipes and products commenced when our daughter was diagnosed with a Cows Milk Protein, Soy Protein and Egg allergy.
Fleur was not diagnosed for a long time, she would cry for hours on end and being a new mother I thought it was just "witching hour" or "colic" or "just your first baby". But I knew in my gut something wasn't right with hers. 12 long weeks of a very unhappy baby, we saw multiple health professionals which gave us different diagnoses. We were finally given the reassuring news that stopping these foods in my diet would see our darling girl happy again. It brought tears to my eyes with relief.
I was breast-feeding at the time, so I had to eliminate the foods from my diet in order to help her. This proved to be a dedicated process and at times quite challenging. Scanning every packet at the supermarket became a tiring project, which is why I started making things at home. Soy flour is in most store bought breads so we started making our own bread. This was a welcomed change, waking to the aroma of freshly made bread in the morning.
Growing up on a farm we had lots of classic country recipes, that included butter and milk. I slowly trialled different methods to make them dairy, egg and soy free. I chose almond milk as a plant based milk, and egg-replacer became my best friend. I began creating my own edition to the family recipes that are now allergy friendly.
There have been lots of trial and errors in the making but well worth it. These recipes I have created are true and honest and heart-felt. They got me through some hard days and lifted me up cooking and talking to my little girl. Share them and enjoy them.
Around 80% of children will outgrow their cow’s milk allergy by the age of three to five years. Your doctor should advise if further allergy testing and food allergen challenges are needed. These are usually performed in hospital clinics and supervised by a clinical immunology/allergy specialist.
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