Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter is in the air, and children love to get into craft activities in anticipation for the Easter Bunny.

When I was a child we loved collecting eggs from the chook house and creating our own Easter eggs for decoration.

The whole household can get involved in this activity, it's lots of fun, and can be created by products you have in your own home.

What you will need:



-Food Colouring

-Paint brushes 

-Paper towel


1-First pop on your Kids Kitchen Linen apron on to prevent any splashes.

2- Next get your eggs and clean off any mud from the chook house. Then place into a saucepan and boil for 8 minutes. Until hard boiled. Then remove the saucepan to the sink and gradually add some cool water, so the shells don't crack.

3-Once the eggs are cool, dry them carefully and place them on some paper towel ready to decorate.

4- Next get some cups and add 1/2 a cup of vinegar to each. Next add 20 drops of food colouring to each cup.

5- Set up your paint brushes and you are ready to decorate. You can dye whole eggs by placing them in the solution for 5 minutes. You can brush paint them, or use droppers to give a more tie-dyed effect. You can also add glitter for extra decoration. If you have any other paints in your house you can use those too.

Decorating Easter Eggs in the Learning Tower

6-Next leave the eggs to dry. Then you can display your eggs around your house for a fun decoration for Easter. 

Decorating Easter Eggs in the Funpod Learning tower

Enjoy and Happy Easter.

Love Kids Kitchen :)